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Grandma Wilde's at Roaming RoostersOur family business, now in its fourth generation, carries on the tradition of baking biscuits to many of the same recipes created by our great Grandmother Annie Wild over 100 years ago.

From humble beginnings in the Victorian seaside resort of Morecambe, in Lancashire Annie Wild ran a bakery shop and boarding house (today's Bed & Breakfast) whilst being a full time mother to three boys.
Her eldest son John Wild decided to move back to his Yorkshire roots in the 1920's, away from the seasonal summer trade, where Annie and her son opened a shop in Haworth. In 1928 he bought larger premises just outside Haworth and this remained the family bakery until the millennium, then moving on to larger premises in Steeton, West Yorkshire.

Today's business holds true to the traditional family values and commitment of its founder Grandma Annie Wild all those years ago.


Farmhouse Biscuits at Roaming Roosters

Farmhouse Biscuits at Roaming RoostersFarmhouse Biscuits are a fourth generation family run biscuit manufacturer based in the Pendle area of Lancashire. They now employ over 200 people and operate from a 175,000 sq feet site, much of it purpose built over that last few years. Their biscuits however continue to be made using traditional methods and equipment; the original recipes, along with a wealth of experience, having been handed down for future generations and customers to enjoy. Using only the finest ingredients from around the world, Farmhouse Biscuits have won many awards over the years.


Mondovino at Roaming Roosters

We are a long-standing family bakery in the Derbyshire Peak District, a national park.
We started over 70 years ago. In that time, the world has changed dramatically; but, in the bakery, the way we bake biscuits is barely any different.
In the last 50 years, we have only had two Head Bakers. In 2009, Terry retired, and Paul, his understudy, took Terry’s place. Paul now sifts, weighs, mixes, and works the dough in the same old-fashioned way.
We use the same bronze rollers and biscuit-moulding method that we have for decades. Here in Ashbourne, England, we have a saying: 'Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, ducks'.


Pendle Pat-A-Cakes at Roaming Roosters

Homemade cakes and puddings from the heart of the Pendle witch country.

Pendle Pat-A-Cakes at Roaming Roosters


Willies Cacao at Roaming Roosters

I have been growing cacao since 1996 at the Hacienda El Tesoro, my beautiful farm in the breathtaking heights of the Henri Pittier National Park in Choroni, Venezuela.

Just ten degrees north of the equator, the thousand acre farm rises into the cloud forest. When I bought it I planted 10,000 cacao trees in plantations with a bio-diversity so varied that it lays claims to 3% of the world’s flora and 7% of the world’s bird species, as well as the legendary Chuao cacao, the bean that produces some of the world’s finest chocolate.

Until the 1950s Venezuela was one of the world’s largest producers of cacao, but the rise of oil and petroleum meant that traditional industries were neglected. As a result, some of the original strains of Venezuelan cacao have remained pure in the intervening years, whereas cacao growers in the rest of the world have been producing hybrid strains – from the Forastero bean - that yield bigger crops, at a cost to flavor and aroma.

I went on a quest to find fine beans with pure criollo characteristics to help replant the hacienda. On the Costa Maya I discovered a small plantation of 1,000 cacao trees within a coffee area planted a century previously. Because the cacao was in a coffee region, the trees hadn’t cross-pollinated with other plantations, which made them the ideal choice for replanting.

No pesticides, fertilizer or chemical of any description have ever been used on our cacao trees, which are irrigated by water that runs down from the cloud forest-topped

Pendle Pat-A-Cakes at Roaming Roosters


Crossmoor Honey Farm at Roaming Roosters

Craig Hughes is a beekeeper with over 30 years experience of keeping bees and 30 years of bee stings. He is a qualified and classically trained chef with many years in the industry. He is also a qualified lawyer specialising in European and Islamic law. It was after his brush with cancer that he changed his lifestyle and returned to beekeeping full time.

He is ambitious, desiring 4000 active hives in the next 5 years, is driven by quality and service but retains a common touch. He is gentle with his bees, trying not to move them too much, considers his livestock as an extension of himself and promotes animal welfare and safety.

Craig has an on-line programme of countryside interviews on BBC Radio Lancashire called Lancashire Country file. He has also been featured in Lancashire Life Magazine and Farmers Guardian ( He has also recently written a book, Urban Beekeeping.

He lives in his beloved Lancashire, and is a keen promoter of local food.


Mrs Darlingtons at Roaming Roosters

My family and I have been producing high quality curds, jams, chutneys and sauces for over 30 years.It all started back in 1981 when we found ourselves with a surplus of eggs from our farm. Not wishing them to go to waste, my husband Tom encouraged me to use the eggs to make a batch of my Lemon Curd (his favourite!), and to see if I could sell it to local shops in nearby towns.

As luck would have it my husband wasn’t the only fan and requests started to pour in from customers, asking whether I might consider selling my other home made jams, marmalades and chutneys too.

So I took out my mum’s recipe books and decided to give it a go.Soon the farmhouse was just too small and in 1985 Tom converted farm buildings into a new kitchen. Ladies from the local village were drafted in to help me with the making of my preserves and my eldest daughter Sarah also joined the team.

Since then we’ve just kept growing, relocating to even bigger premises in 1992. Today, Darlington & Daughters remains a family concern, with my youngest daughter Wendy coming on board too. Following in my footsteps, Sarah has had her own range of tasty mustards, table sauces and pickles and now Wendy has developed a delicious range of cooking sauces.We all still have one aim; to craft delicious products with a truly home made taste. Our customers have been telling us for years how great our products taste; and it seems that the ‘powers that be’ are catching on. Since first entering in 2005 we have won many awards across.